Making Drainage Study Submittals Painless

Momentum Engineers was established in 2003 in the Las Vegas Valley, providing drainage study submittals for local engineering clients.

Momentum Engineers is owned and operated by Ms. Barbara Brown, P. E., who began practicing civil engineering in Southern Nevada in 1989, specializing in drainage and flood control. Ms. Brown has prepared numerous drainage studies for all types of civil engineering projects, including local residential and commercial development as well as roadway and flood control projects. Projects include commercial, residential, and industrial development, as well as regional flood control and/or flood flow detention/conveyance projects. Ms. Brown has prepared technical drainage studies for large solar energy production sites. Ms. Brown has also prepared many mapping revision submittals for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Momentum Engineers…

…simplifies your drainage study submittals, providing accurate and comprehensive report and calculation submittal packages to accompany your company’s grading and/or improvement plans.

…keeps up with constantly changing local drainage criteria so that you don’t have to.

…possesses expert knowledge of the most up-to-date software used for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and any calculations required by local and federal entities.

We’re 100 percent female-owned for projects that require participation

Momentum Engineers has expert knowledge, including the most recent version of these software programs:

Storm Plus (WSPG)
Flo-2D (2-dimensional flow analysis)
Civilcad 3D (and it’s Hydrologic and hydraulic design add-ons)

We've prepared submittals and attained approvals for drainage studies within the following Nevada governmental entities:

City of Las Vegas
City of North Las Vegas
City of Henderson
City of Mesquite
City of Boulder City
Clark County
Clark County Regional Flood Control District

We've prepared and attained approvals for:

FEMA Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMR’s),
Letters of Map Revision (LOMR’s).
Letters of Map Amendments (LOMA’s) for several local major and minor projects.
SWPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans)
LEED certified construction sites (“green” buildings)